Paid to post platforms in 2016 – Write and get paid!

Hi dear readers! So, i am not particularly sure how many of you have joined steemit because you chanced upon my post. Or maybe you have researched steemit and have seen many accusations of steemit as a ponzi or a scam and then decided not to join. I have been on steemit for 3 months. Currently, as it stands, I am not even blogging on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or even precious metals at steemit. I have been blogging about academia and science issues at steemit, which is also one of my pet peeves and interests in writing about it. I will probably even start to write about it here in my blog, giving a personal touch. I have also been working in a steem blockchain project called Pevo, a platform which utilise the steem blockchain and publish academia articles. If you would like to read about that, you can follow me at

But today, i am also back in my blog to tell you more about a few new paid to post platforms using alternate coins going to be launched in 2016 and 2017! If you have missed steemit as an early adopter, why not try out other platforms? This is a list which you should watch out!




Like steemit, LBRY also uses an alternate coin called LBRY credits, LBC. Currently, it is trading at USD$0.172371/LBC. Like steemit, the content is also recorded on the blockchain. To understand mroe about LBRY, click here. LBRY beta mode just started in the first week of August and producing content at LBRY is only by invitation and so it seems to be at an early stage. If you are interested, please do drop your email here.

Synereo synereo

Synereo uses an alternate coin called AMPS. Currently, it is trading at USD$$0.170709. It has been under development for the past 2 years and a launch date is somewhere in 2017.



AKASHA uses ethereum which is one of the established cryptocurrency, other than bitcoin. Currently, it is trading at USD$12.05/eth. The expected launch date is  Q3/Q4 2016. You can join their Yours alpha version by dropping your email at



Yours network uses bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently trading at USD$607.79. Its launch date is set to October 2016. You can join their mailing list by dropping your email address here. 

As of writing, i do not know which platform is the best but i have dropped my name on their list and if you are interested in writing and getting paid in cryptocurrency, you should drop your email with them too!

  • Dean Liu

    hi alice! long time no see and a late happy new year to you! today I found out that you are with yours and I read this old article of yours again, wondering if you have some updated comments for the progress of all the above projects? steem/it currently is not looking too good, so I am thinking about trying out others as well. you may pm me if you prefer so. 🙂


      Hi Dean, My apologies for late reply. 🙂 Yes saw the steem price 🙁 Even my accumulated steem is not much now. You may want to join Yours at the slack channels

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