About me

Hello!  I am a PhD dropout-mother-housewife-writer-trader all in 1. So far, i enjoy my role but i also enjoy reading, writing and researching about bitcoin, precious metal, fintech, design thinking and 3d printing.



Just remember that I sniff out the good stuff and churn out easy-to-digest  and at the same time, insightful articles on bitcoin, precious metals, fintech, design thinking and 3d printing for you.

GOOD stuff

I research and write in different fields. i believe in writing for myself and what i think is educational and interesting. Most of the content here is free. Occasionally, i write research and educational articles that are not free but highly affordable. 

How I can help

If you like my expertise and think that I can help to write/blog/research in anyway, please contact me using the form below.


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